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Northern Ohio’s most trusted commercial cleaner. Call us today to get a quote for your cleaning needs! (330) 483-7400. Get the best janitorial services that are right for you!

Commercial Cleaning Services for a Healthy Workplace

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Commercial Cleaning Solon, Ohio

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We can help you design a plan for commercial janitorial service in Solon, Ohio. You will also be able to determine how often we visit your site to meet your needs. We will do what you ask, even if it is just to sweep floors and remove waste. Our staff can ensure that the bathrooms are properly stocked with disposables. We can come to your business after hours, or provide day porter services. Our exterior cleaning expertise is also a strength. We can help you clean up after a renovation or construction job. We can pressure wash your parking lot or building if it is clogged with dirt and grime.

As Northern Ohio’s premier cleaning service, customer satisfaction for your project with our customized estimates only includes the scope that your facilities need to meet the requirements of your team. You can review the program and then everyone can have their questions answered while still keeping the cost reasonable.

Cleaning Services in Solon, Ohio

Your account will have its own list of items for each of the areas. Once you experience the HTM difference you will be amazed at how all your cleaning problem just goes away. This of course can include trash removal, restroom cleaning, all surfaces cleaned, carpets maintained as well as all other flooring surfaces. maintained.

Once we have determined the area and surface requirements, The managers will provide regular inspections and reviews. Along with communication and quality control to ensure that the benefits are maximized and costs are kept low.

HTM offers a way to create a better environment for employees and customers in your facility. Contact us today to learn more about how Stratus can help you.

Safe & Effective EPA-Approved Cleaning Products

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HTM Janitorial is the best green janitorial service provider, building cleaning, and office cleaning company in the business. This allows owners to create a safer environment for employees and customers. Services such as Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services are available.

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We Help Keep Productivity Up

Our office cleaning services offer workspace safety that can help ensure top employee productivity.

A Healthy Workplace

Cleanliness is essential for a business’s health. Clean workplaces make a positive impression on customers, vendors, clients, and others. Plus, they are healthier! They also increase efficiency. It takes a lot of effort and time to manage everything necessary to run a business that is successful. We understand that time is precious. We will give you some of that time back and allow you to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Best In Class

We will take care of all your cleaning needs, no matter how big or small your business is. Our highly-trained staff can handle everything you need, including office cleaning and industrial cleaning. HTM Janitorial Services is the best in its class.

We Make A Clean Workplace Easy

We can make your life easier by providing thorough office cleaning, commercial cleaning, and window washing. We will take care of all the details and save you time and hassle. All types of flooring will be given the proper care. This can include cleaning, restoration, and preventative services. We offer post-construction cleaning to make your new home ready for you. We proudly use green cleaning products for your health, that of your employees, and for the benefit of the planet.

We Help Get Rid Of Germs

Research shows that the average workplace desk has 400 times as many germs as a standard toilet seat. Worse, the average workplace is home to tens of thousands more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Protect Your Investment

It is a smart idea to clean your floors regularly in order to maintain a beautiful floor for as long as you can. Professional cleaning services can make your investment last longer.

We Make Cleaning Problems Disappear

It’s frustrating to arrive at your office every morning and find that the commercial cleaners have failed to do the job. You expect to be welcomed into your office with clean offices, from wastebaskets to toilets to carpets. We can help you with your commercial cleaning problems if you are tired of a messy office.

Affordable Around Your Schedule

We will create a custom office cleaning schedule that suits your budget and needs. Call us today to get a quote for cleaning your business.

HTM Janitorial Services can help you determine the best cleaning schedule and technology needed for your company. You can have a customized cleaning schedule that suits your needs, no matter how often and you might be surprised at just how affordable a commercial cleaning service can be.

Disinfection Made Easy

Commercial cleaning equipment has made it possible to disinfect and clean offices more effectively. HTM Janitorial Services might use advanced techniques such as microfiber cloths and electrostatic sprayers to prevent germ spread and maintain a beautiful office environment.

Our Services Are:

We Offer Daily and Nightly Cleaning

Janitorial Services​


From traditional room-to-room day or night cleaning to targeted cleaning on high-touch areas, our commercial cleaning company services include everything from dusting to disinfecting to ensure facility cleanliness.

Day Porter Services

Day Porter

Uniformed technicians target high traffic areas and touch points, minimizing disease spread and keeping stakeholders healthy. Visible yet discreet, day porters maintain a safe environment, especially during flu season or virus outbreaks.

Janitorial Services​


From traditional room-to-room day or night cleaning to targeted cleaning on high-touch areas, our commercial cleaning company services include everything from dusting to disinfecting to ensure facility cleanliness.

Construction Cleaning​


Removing a construction site’s dust and debris require a unique set of skills. Prepare for an inspection or employee move-in with our full spectrum of construction cleaning services.

Cubicle & Partition Cleaning​

Cubicle & Partition

Cubicles and office partitions quickly become an eyesore and health risk without proper maintenance. Protect your investment with commercial cleaning company services.

Floor & Carpet Cleaning​

Floor & Carpet

Restore and extend the life of your floors with cleaning services that utilize scrubbing, stripping, buffing, and waxing – as well as traditional carpet care for fabric surfaces.